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Pia Müller

Institut für Geographie 
Universität Osnabrück
Seminaratraße 19 a/b
49074 Osnabrück

Raum: 66/E27
Barbarastraße 22b
49076 Osnabrück
Tel: +49 541 969 2402
Fax: 0541 969-2599

Pia Müller

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


Research Interests:

  • Influence of climate change and land use on ecosystem services
  • Dynamics of social-ecological systems
  • Participatory processes & transdisciplinary co-design 
  • Scenario development & transformative processes
  • Integrated modeling and assessment of sustainability visions


  • Participatory model building using causal loop diagrams and fuzzy cognitive mapping
  • Design of sustaibabiliy visions


Pia Müller is a researcher studied evironmental systems and ressource management. Within the LimnoScenES project, She is responsible for the case study of lake Dümmer and the scenario planning and stakeholder workshops therein.